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In the era of growing food is insecurity in many parts around the world, agricultural machinery can act as a key role in helping to efficiently achieve stable yields from crop production. There are various types of agricultural implements which used depending on environmental conditions and manner of specific crop production in a given country or region. Tractors are the primary machines used in crop production and handling work. Bearings are used throughout various components of the tractor such as the engine, transmission, wheel hubs, etc. under muddy working conditions and heavy load conditions. NSK applies various technologies to the manufacture of bearings to meet customer needs, including heat-treatment technology for higher reliability under muddy working conditions, material technology for greater endurance under heavy-load conditions, and optimum design technology for longer service life.

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Agricultural machinery bearings must offer a long service life while operating in harsh environments of mud, water, and heavy loads, while ensuring sufficient resistance against contamination from foreign debris.


Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

EM Series Roller Bearings

NSKHPS Series Roller Bearings

High Capacity – HR Series

Pulley Bearings

Special Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Special Double Row TRB for Tractor Gearbox

EW Series Roller Bearings